i’m one of those annoying people who’s always like “omg i know that actor from somewhere omg i recognize them whAT WERE THEY IN” when watching tv shows/movies who then proceeds to look it up on their phone and inform everyone that said actor was an extra in an episode of some stupid 90s sitcom once

I guess someone gave the show a thumbs up.

This is what my sister at I found while cleaning the theater after the show tonight.


I suggested that we put it in the Lost & Found with no explanation so someone could find it later, but we were forced to throw it away.


sometimes I realize there are people on my dash heavily burdened with horrible things

bad relationships

mental illnesses

dangerous situations

and I just desperately hope that you’ll be okay, you’ll find the strength to continue and do the right thing for yourself, you’ll make it through and be happy

all of you

So, I remember when this little kid I used to babysit would ask me questions about Batman.  This was after I sat him down and lectured him (the only time I ever lectured any kid) when he told another girl I babysat that girls couldn’t be superheroes.

He wants to come over and visit me on Sunday so that he can have someone to geek out about Batman with.  And let me tell you, this boy is all about thinking girls should be allowed to be into superheroes and play videogames and be nerdy.

Is this how parents feel when their child grows up?  I’m so proud right now.

Yes I did turn the radio way up when Slim Shady came on while I was driving home.
The Raphael pizza is delicious.