Okay, I’m going to try watching Korra.

We’ll see how far I get.

So the important question now is, do I watch Korra?

Now we have four Sailor Guardians.

I know lots of people were disappointed in Mai and Zuko’s final scene.

But I think it’s really sweet.  It’s very them.  I like it.

I want to see Sokka, Zuko, Aang, and Toph all making dad jokes.

And Suki, Mai, and Katara all just standing there 1000% done with them.

Can we talk about how, if Katara hadn’t gotten lucky with the drain grate, Azula would have won?

Katara GOT LUCKY!  That’s it.  That’s how Azula was stopped.  Azula WOULD HAVE WON.

That’s so fucking scary.  Even out of her mind, Azula was damn near unstoppable.

So this is a thing that happened once:

My roommate and I were Azula and Katara for Halloween one year.  And we had an epic battle on the frat house lawn.

The music and the animation in Azula and Zuko’s final battle will always give me chills.

Like, the fight between Aang and Ozai is amazing, but the way everything is slowed and muted for Azula and Zuko is absolutely one of my favorite fight scenes ever.  And the colors.  The blue and orange.  It’s just beautiful and haunting and wonderful.